Intimidation and coercion are primary factors in sexual abuse. And when coming from an individual who also possesses status and immense wealth in their name, fighting back may seem like an impossible task. At Sex Crimes Attorney, we are available to help you obtain justice. Sexual Abuse is an offense regardless of who the perpetrator is. If a celebrity or other person linked to Hollywood sexually abused you, we have your back. Our lawyers will aggressively seek justice because they believe that the perpetrators should answer for these kinds of crimes. Our lawyers are also ready to represent you if you are a celebrity who an infamous person has sexually abused. We serve victims throughout California who has been subject to Hollywood sexual abuse and other related cases, helping them recover damages.

An Overview of Hollywood Sexual Abuse

A sad truth in Hollywood is that executives and wealthy celebrities have abused their power and authority from the industry's inception by sexually assaulting, harassing, and performing other sexual misconducts that go unpunished.

The Hollywood sexual abuse topic started making headlines across the country in 2017 when hundreds of females came forward to speak against the founder and producer of Miramax, Harvey Weinstein, and Weinstein Company. From that year, many other women have stepped forward to discuss experiencing adult and child sexual assault by influential actors and Hollywood men.

But what most people do not know is the ‘Me Too’ movement started in 2006. The term was used to create awareness for those women that had been sexually assaulted. The phrase became amplified after Alyssa Milano, an actress, tweeted it. Milano is one of the women who claimed that Harvey Weinstein had abused them.

The ‘Me Too’ movement triggered change across Hollywood, with Mr. Weinstein being a sample case for this movement. Weinstein was accused of using his authority to harass and force women to have sexual relationships with him. Apart from preying on actresses by threatening to hurt their careers, he also abused writers, producers, and staff members. Most of the females who spoke out and eventually helped expose Weinstein's despicable actions were not celebrities whatsoever. From then, Hollywood sexual abuse and sexual violence victims started coming forward, recounting their sexual harassment, assault, and abuse experienced by many influential individuals in Hollywood.

How Common Hollywood Sexual Abuse Is

Sexual assault and abuse are incredibly prevalent. Per a survey done by the USA Today with The Creative Coalition, Women in Television and Film, and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center in 2018 found that ninety-four percent of Hollywood women have been sexually assaulted or harassed. This means that almost all the 843 surveyed women have been sexually abused in Hollywood. More shocking enlightening is that over a fifth of the surveyed women, 21 percent to be precise, have been coerced into sexual acts. The same research reported that:

  • Ten percent of the women allege they were unexpectedly ordered to come for auditions while naked.

  • Twenty-one percent of them stated they were covered to do sexual acts

  • Twenty-nine percent have experienced somebody exposing or flashing themselves to them

  • Thirty-nine percent of these reported they were shown sexual images without consent

  • Sixty-four percent of women have been propositioned for sexual relationships or acts

  • Sixty-five percent have seen others advance in their professions by having sexual relations with managers or employers

  • Sixty-nine percent reported they were touched sexually

  • Seventy-five percent have seen others hear unwelcome sexual comments

  • Eighty-seven percent have been subject to unwelcome sexual gestures, jokes, or comments

  • Only a single woman in four reported these kinds of instances

  • Fully seventy-five percent of women never reported sexual harassment, abuse, or assault since they feared professional or personal retaliation

  • Of those women who reported the abuse, only twenty-eight percent said their situation at work improved after they reported, while the rest said that reporting changed nothing.

In a Hollywood Commission research led by Anita Hill, one in twenty persons during the one year before the study said they had been sexually abused while at the workplace. The research also discovered that:

  • 270 women of the surveyed 5,399 (five percent) reported they had been sexually abused at the workplace in the past year

  • Over one thousand anonymous respondents stated they were sexually coerced in the past year

  • Over two thousand two hundred and fifty anonymous respondents stated they experienced unwelcome sexual attention at the workplace.

The assault is not only against women. Men also reported sexual abuse while at work, but their reporting rate was approximately 50 percent lower than the females.

There is a single positive thing to note from the study. About 70 percent of the respondents reported they have witnessed moderate to much progress in Hollywood after coming up with measures to curb harassment and assault since the initial wave of lawsuits against powerful men in Hollywood in October 2017.

Sexual Abuse Is Also Prevalent With Child Stars

Whereas sexual assault is common across Hollywood, another tragedy that goes unaired is the number of child sexual assault cases happening to child actors/actresses. The Me Too movement has made significant steps for females in Hollywood and assisted in preventing sexual harassment band abuse in general. But there is still a profound horrifying reality going substantially undiscussed child star sexual assault.

In 2017, a total of eight men spoke out about how Gary Goddard, a theme-park designer, and Hollywood producer, supposedly sexually assaulted them as minors. They said the abuse happened on Disneyland rides when they stayed in places overnight while on a statewide theater tour and backstage in the 1979s.

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were sexually abused by an influential Hollywood group of pedophiles who passed them around. Haim, who became famous after ‘The Lost Boys’, committed suicide by overdosing at 39 years.

Alex Winter spoke out and explained that he felt extreme PTSD after experiencing sexual abuse as a child.

Joey Coleman was among the several ex-child actors who were part of 'An Open Secret,’ a controversial documentary. The documentary described those sexual predators who exist in Hollywood. Coleman claimed that Michael Harrah, ex-manager of child actors, sexually abused him. He provided a taped phone conversation as evidence.

Why Hollywood Sexual Abuse Is So Common

For many years, female employees, in general, were sexually harassed but did not report the incidents since they lacked the encouragement to do so and the knowledge of the meaning of sexual harassment and sexual abuse. Most women assumed that since sexual abuse incidents occurred so often, it created a way of life where workplace sexual harassment was the norm.

Because few individuals raised complaints and leaders at the workplace did nothing to help those who reported, sexual abuse could thrive. The most significant factor in Hollywood is that males have power and influence over other individuals' careers. This influence created a surrounding typical for sexual abuse predators to commit their acts.

These powerful figures usually use coercion and intimidation to keep their victims silent. Most people say that nobody could believe what they said even after coming forward, and they would have to undergo a costly and lengthy legal process.

Most people might have even been aware of the abusers' predatory ways. However, they opted to remain quiet about it because they feared losing their careers. This resulted in a society of cover-ups, secrecy, and non-accountability for perpetrators. From the earliest days of Hollywood, the influential men that managed the industry could host events such as parties, luring women wishing to be dancers, extras, and actresses. Per the History Channel's recent article, these figures gave rise to pervasive sexual exploitation culture that was aided & abetted by the highly celebrated studios of Hollywood's Golden Age.

The write-up mentions that because no workplace harassment concept existed, it was only seen as men giving on-set sexual favors. The sexual harassment and sexual abuse in Hollywood were fueled by the sexual harassment and abuse created since Hollywood's inception. Only recently, men and women have been capable of speaking out about the abuse as supposed victims.

But regardless of who the abuser is, they ought to always assume responsibility for the injuries and damages they cause the victims. A skilled Hollywood sex assault attorney knows the channels to follow and help the victims obtain justice.

Recent Sex Abuse Claims

As demonstrated, hundreds of women have come forward with sex abuse claims against Hollywood men since 2017. The allegations do not stop there, though. Only recently, these institutions and individuals faced sexual abuse allegations:

  • ICM (International Creative Management) the Los Angeles Times published several allegations exposing ICM for its scandals and toxic incidents. The piece mentions a significant number of abuse accusations at the organization. Most people in Hollywood trust that this kind of environment is un-unique to ICM. Instead, they believe that the environment is prevalent in all major organizations.

  • Noel Clarke this British writer and actor face sexual harassment allegations while on Doctor Who set. Twenty women claimed Clarke groped them, bullied them, and engaged in other sexual abuse acts.

  • Marilyn Manson investigations are currently ongoing concerning the claims brought by five women against Manson. These women include Esme Bianco and Evan Rachel Wood. Esme Bianco accused Marilyn Manson of emotional, psychological, sexual, and physical abuse over the many years they had a relationship. Bianco is additionally suing Tony Ciulla, Manson's ex-manager, stating he breached the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act when Marilyn used fraud to take her to the United States.

Women Who Have Spoken Out Abuse Sexual Abuse and The Perpetrators

Whereas thousands of occurrences have happened, only not long ago are women coming forward to speak out against the perpetrators who abused them. This began when some prominent names spoke out, giving the lesser famous actresses, dancers, extras, and other employees in Hollywood the courage and confidence to come forward, aware someone would believe them. Some famous names of female and male celebrities who have revealed that they were sexually abused include:

  • Evan Rachel Wood a two times rape survivor, thus actress believes sexual abuse victims cannot afford to stay silent any longer.

  • Brendan Fraserhumiliated and groped, this actor did not go public after what he went through until many years later.

  • Amy Schumerthis actor mentions how her ex-boyfriend sexually abused her while she was asleep.

  • AnnaLynne McCordthis actress played a stage role where his character was assaulted sexually. She went through the same ordeal in her real life.

  • Lena Dunhamthis authored related how when she was sexually abused, she could not report the occurrence to law enforcement officers as she was afraid nobody would believe her word

  • Gabrielle Unionthis actress narrated how she developed post-traumatic stress disorder and was assaulted at gunpoint when she was a young woman.

  • Terry Crewsthis ex-professional soccer player and present actor was groped and has pursued legal action against his supposed aggressor.

  • Lady Gagathis renowned American singer stated that it took her several years of psychotherapy to recover after being raped at nineteen years old.

What To Do If You Are a Victim of Hollywood Sexual Abuse

If you have been sexually abused or experienced any other kind of Hollywood sexual harassment or assault, you are entitled to pursue compensation to pay for the damages the perpetrator caused you. These steps will assist you in coping with the trauma of recovery and maximize your chances of obtaining compensation.

  • Consider seeking medical help— seek medical attention as soon as possible. Creating a medical report for all the injuries you suffered from the abuse is critical during the legal process. If you do not wish to file a report with the police, some agencies or centers keep the medical reports and other proof for later retrieval. It could be difficult to reconcile yourself to what transpired and pursue legal action.

  • Find support and assistance— whether you need to join a support group, confide in your closest friends and family members, or start therapy sessions, find people who can support you. The worst you can do is bottle up the events. You should confide in a person you trust.

  • Be sure of your safetyright after any kind of sexual harassment, most individuals experience denial, shock, derealization, self-blame, and become overwhelmed. Employ coping techniques to process whatever happened and work to feel more comfortable amidst significant stressors. All this may mean contacting your closest friend or confidant, having a weighted blanket, sleeping with layers, or doing anything that could help you be safe in your skin.

  • Consider pursuing legal optionswhereas the thoughts of recalling the incident when filing a police report or legal claim may seem discouraging, it may assist you in healing and receiving justice. An experienced, compassionate sexual abuse attorney can assist you in processing what transpired and working for you to help hold the perpetrator responsible for the damage they caused you.

There is no one correct way to act when processing whatever happened. Everyone's healing process may vary. But every sexual abuse victim deserves to pursue justice, recover damages to assist in paying for the medical bills, therapy, and any other expenses involved in the healing process, and make the perpetrators answer for the assault. A skilled attorney will advise and guide you throughout the legal process to assist you in recovering the damages you rightfully deserve.

The Statute of Limitations for a Hollywood Sexual Abuse Claim

If you have been sexually abused in Hollywood in California State, you can bring a claim/lawsuit even if your incident occurred decades ago. California has implemented different timeframes for various kinds of sex offenses.

For anybody who was sexually abused as a grown-up (meaning they were eighteen years or above), the statute of limitations for when they can file a claim/lawsuit is ten years. This period is counted from the day of the latest instance of sexual abuse, attempted sexual abuse, or assault intending to abuse the victim sexually. But the exception to this timeframe is you can also file a lawsuit within thirty-six months from the day you discovered or should have reasonably discovered the abuse directly caused you an injury or illness. This means if someone sexually assaulted you when you were in your 20s, but we're not aware the assault directly caused your illness or injury, you could still file a lawsuit within thirty-six months of discovering the same. This statute of limitations was effected on 1st January 2019.

Child sexual abuse victims have until their fortieth birthday or five years from when they knew about the assault to bring a civil suit. This new statute became law in Jan 2020. The statute also availed a lookback window of three years, permitting child sexual abuse victims to bring a lawsuit regardless of their age and how many years ago the assault occurred.

But this lookback period expires on 31st Dec 2022. Thus, if someone sexually abused you in Hollywood even more than ten years ago, you could still file a claim/lawsuit within this lookback window. Most victims have used the window to speak out and pursue justice against their perpetrators and the organizations that permitted the assault to occur to them as a minor.

Compensation for Hollywood Sexual Abuse

The compensation amount you can receive for being sexually abused in Hollywood entirely depends on the circumstances surrounding your case. A skilled sexual abuse lawyer will assist you in gathering all the proof you require to substantiate your claim/lawsuit and seek a fair compensation amount on your behalf. This analysis entails assessing these factors:

  • Non-economic compensation for the pain & suffering the assault caused you. These damages could include reputational damage, humiliation, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of activities

  • Loss of earning capacity, if any

  • Lost wages, if any

  • Relocation cost, if you were forced to move after the abuse

  • Medical bills or other medical costs linked to the abuse, such as therapy costs, psychiatric treatment, or medication

  • Whether the management denied you any kind of wages, promotion, commissions, bonuses, jobs, stock options, or other deserved benefits for either declining to participate in sexual behavior or being compelled to participate in sexual conduct

To demonstrate these factors, you will need relevant proof. A skilled attorney will be capable of helping you by collecting this proof to substantiate and support the damages you incurred due to the abuse.

Apart from a civil lawsuit, you can also file criminal charges against your abuser if you have been subject to Hollywood sexual abuse. Some of the most influential Hollywood men found guilty of sex offenses include Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Tupac Shakur, Mike Tyson, Roman Polanski, and Gary Glitter.

How a Hollywood Sexual Abuse Attorney Can Help You

An experienced sexual abuse attorney will assist you through all the steps of bringing a claim or lawsuit and proving it. These steps are:

  • Explaining all your legal options and rights plus the legal channels to follow

  • Assisting you in gathering all the necessary proof to substantiate your claim/lawsuit, including work & employment records, witness testimonies, psychiatric and therapy treatment histories, medical records, and other pieces of evidence that can support your lawsuit

  • Ensuring you bring your claim/lawsuit before the deadline

  • Filing all the correct documentation with the applicable case law, legal research, and proof that supports your claim/lawsuit

  • Negotiating with other parties plus handling any communication concerning the compensation amount you rightfully deserve.

You need not navigate the intricate legal process of receiving justice and compensation for the abuse against you on your own. Sexual Abuse attorneys who understand state and federal law will assist you throughout the process.

Find a Sex Crimes Lawyer Near Me

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