Both state and federal authorities have begun to crack down hard on sex related crimes in recent years, especially in regard to online sex crimes like solicitation to prostitution or attempts at sex trafficking of minors. The seizure of by the US DOJ in 2018 is only one among many examples of this trend.

We all applaud the tough enforcement of the law against sexual predators, but the fact is, there are also numerous innocent people accused of sex crimes every year, and there are many others who are overcharged by overzealous prosecuting attorneys.

At Sex Crimes Attorney, we have a deep understanding of both federal and state level sex crime laws and have been successfully defending our clients against all manner of sex crimes charges for many years. If you or someone you love has recently been charged with a sex crime, or if you are under investigation and fear you may soon be charged with a sex crime, do not hesitate to reach out to us for help.

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Negin Yamini

A skilled trial lawyer with extensive experience in various areas of criminal defense, Negin Yamini practices in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. Negin’s strength as both litigator and negotiator lies in her thoroughness and ability to analyze and dissect a case from any and all angles, and conscientious planning and implementing a defense from the very inception of a case. As a trial lawyer, Negin is confident yet extremely personable in front of a jury. Her courtroom style—infused with integrity and poise, and strategically aggressive—has won her a great number of victories, including the following:

  • Dismissal of all rape charges against a 15 year old male after two years of strategic and aggressive litigation;
  • Jury acquittal of all rape charges against an immigrant from Nigeria;
  • Hung jury and later dismissal of all domestic violence charges against a single and hardworking father of two;
  • Hung jury and dismissal of assault with a deadly weapon charge against a reputable registered nurse;
  • Hung jury and dismissal of hit and run charges against a reputable firefighter;
  • Jury acquittal of solicitation and pimping and pandering charges against a hardworking masseuse;
  • Dismissal of all transportation and sale charges against an innocent marijuana collective member after 1.5 years of aggressive litigation;

The above are only a few amongst a myriad of case victories showcasing Negin’s tenacious lawyering, masterful negotiating skills, and affinity with jurors.

Negin graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, earning the highest academic distinction as Summa Cum Laude, and receiving some of the nations most distinguished fellowships including the American Dream Fellowship in recognition for her distinguished academic accomplishments. She acquired a juris doctorate from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, where she was the recipient of the prestigious Tony Patino Fellowship for her academic excellence and demonstrated leadership.

Negin is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Inns of court—organizations dedicated to honing the skills of trial lawyers nationwide.

Classes of Sex Crimes

The way particular criminal sexual acts are categorized by federal versus the various state level criminal codes is quite various. But nonetheless, there are a number of basic sex crimes practice areas that emerge, and we at Sex Crimes Attorney have many years of experience in handling cases in all of these particular areas. Lower level sex crimes are usually things like "indecent exposure" or "lewd and lascivious acts" (in public), but even these can create a permanent criminal record and result in mandatory sex offender registration.

But offenses like rape, statutory rape, spousal rape, sexual assault and/or battery, sexual molestation of a minor, continuous sexual abuse of a minor, prostitution or solicitation of a prostitute, sex trafficking, failure to register as a sex offender, and many more are very serious felonies that can result in years in state or federal prison.

Sex crimes vary widely in severity and in nature, and all they really have in common is that all of them have "something to do with sex." But the complexities of how sex crimes are defined and the sometimes unexpected ways in which certain sex crimes are punished, makes it imperative that you have the benefit of a top-tier sex crimes defense lawyer no matter which specific sex crime charge you may be facing.

Federal VS State Sex Crimes

Almost all sex crimes are covered by a state level statute, but many of them are also federal offenses. For example, child pornography crimes, Internet sex crimes, and sex crimes where state or international boundaries are crossed are likely to be prosecuted on the federal level.

Child sex trafficking, prostitution, use of the mail or "interstate facilities" to commit a sex crime, and attempts to entice children into situations where they will be victimized by sex offenders, be kidnapped, or commit sex crimes themselves are all penalized under federal law.

And realize that you can simultaneously be prosecuted and sentenced for both state and federal violations for the very same incident(s). That means the potential full punishment could be extremely long-lasting and severe.

Federal prison terms for many felony and aggravated sex crimes can be a minimum of 10 years and easily be 15, 20, 30 years or life. And that's not counting any state prison term, remember. When facing these types of charges, your whole future life is at stake, and you can't afford to entrust your case to anyone but the very best.

Defending Against Sex Crimes

There are many available defenses we at Sex Crimes Attorney use against sex crime allegations. While the exact defense strategy must fit the specific charge and the details of your case, there are also many basic defenses that come up in numerous types of sex crime cases.

Police entrapment or other violations of the defendant's rights like illegal search and seizure, planting of evidence, falsification of police reports, or arrest without reading you your Miranda Rights or without probable cause can all help get many sex crimes cases dismissed.

In many other cases, you may have been falsely charged by someone holding a grudge against you or by an ex spouse hoping to win a child custody or visitation rights battle by slandering you with a sex crime charge. Or, it could a case of mistaken identity or of purely circumstantial and inconclusive evidence being exaggerated by the prosecution.

No matter which sex crime you are being charged with, be it on the state or federal level or both, Sex Crimes Attorney will know how to build you a solid defense and win your case.

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